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Scholarship Application Instruction in English

Application Form    Rev 6-July10

We strongly suggest that you apply online thru our website at www.ceefoundation.org. Click here for online application. If it is not feasible, then fill out the application form included at the bottom of these instructions. The form can be downloaded from our website www.ceefoundation.org, Publications, and then Forms. Click here for the paper form.

To help us expediting your application process, follow the instructions carefully and fill out the form to the best of your ability. Write or print legibly. You must answer all questions. If applicable, do not leave any entry blank or leave the checkbox unchecked.

How and Where to Submit the Application Package: Scan your completed application form and all required documents, make sure they are clearly legible, and save them as one single Adobe PDF file. You must name your file as: Your full name-Type of application-Your school acronym-Year in school.pdf. For example, if your name is Nop Nuon and you apply for a new scholarship to study at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) as a second year student, name your file as: Nop Nuon -New-ITC-2.pdf

The CEE Foundation will not accept more than one file and the file must be in Adobe PDF. Send this file as an attachment to an e-mail addressed to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including a brief description in the subject line (e.g., Scholarship Application: Pel Chhany, Renewal, RUPP, Year 3).

Important -- Incomplete form or documentation and/or failure to comply with the instructions will result in immediate rejection of the application package.


The numbers here refer to the question numbers in the application form.

[1] Write or print your full name in Khmer (same as shown on your identification card).

[2] Write or print your full name in Latin (same as shown in your identification card).

[3] Check an appropriate checkbox that applies to you.

[4] Write or print your date of birth in a format as specified in the form (Year/Month/Day).

[5] Write or print your place of birth as recorded in your birth certificate. This may be different from the place where you or your parents live currently.

[6] Enter your phone number if you have one. Alternate phone is your work phone, a pager, or your friend/relative's phone that we can call to contact you or leave message for you.

[7] Enter your e-mail address if you have one. If none of the above, briefly describe how we can contact you.

[8] Write or print your present address in a format as specified in the form. This is the address where you are currently or will be living while attending university. It is where all correspondence, if any, will be sent to, or it is where we can contact you.

[8.1] Check appropriate box.

[9] Write or print your parents' address and< check appropriate box below it. This is a hometown or village address where you lived while attending high school.

[9.1] If your parents own the house, check "Own" checkbox along with the type of house, i.e., wooden, brick or thatched. < If your parents rent the house, indicate the rent amount in Riels or US dollars.

[9.2] Check appropriate box.

[10] Write or print your father's full name. Check Deceased checkbox, if he is not alive (passed away). Check an appropriate checkbox that applies to your father's health condition, his marital status, and his profession. If he is a businessman, describe the type of business. For example, if he sells groceries at the market, enter Grocery. If he has no job, check Unemployed checkbox.

[11] Write or print your mother's full name. Check Deceased checkbox, if she is not alive (passed away). Check an appropriate checkbox that applies to your mother's health condition, her marital status, and her profession. If she is a businesswoman, please enter the type of business. For example, if she owns a laundry mart, enter Laundry mart. If she has no job, check Housewife checkbox.

[12] Enter father's and mother's income separately in Riels or US dollars. You must answer this question.

[13] Enter the total number of brothers and sisters, 18 years old or under, your parents currently support.

[13.1] Enter the number of children attending university in the school year of your application. Do not include yourself.

[14] Check an appropriate box about your living arrangement. This is related to question 8 above about the address where you live while attending university. Indicate that you live with your parents for free, stay at the temple or a dormitory for free, or rent a place to live. The renting place could be your parent's, friend's or relative's house. Enter the rent amount per month. If you are still in high school, check Unknown box.

[15] Explain how you are able to pay tuition and fees and support yourself. Indicate if someone besides you or your parents help pay your tuition. Also specify the amount. You must answer this question as completely as possible.

[16] Indicate whether you have received or will receive financial assistance from other sources besides the CEE Foundation. This includes free tuition, free money, or scholarship. Check one or more boxes that apply.

[17] Indicate whether you have any relative(s) living abroad, and what country.

[17.1] If you have relative(s) abroad, indicate your relationship with the relative(s).

[17.2] If you have relative(s) abroad, indicate the country your relative(s) live(s).

[18] Indicate whether you are currently working either full or part time. If you work, the CEE Foundation considers it favorably regardless of how much you earn. We encourage you to work to gain experience. It indicates that you have a career objective, that you are trying to support yourself and not only expect assistance from others.

[18.1] Regardless of whether or not you work, indicate how much your total monthly expenses are, excluding school tuition and fees.

[19] Indicate the means of transportation to school every day. If you walk to school, enter how many kilometers each way. Daily paid transportation includes bus or other paid transportation method such as paid motorcycle ride.

[20] Enter the name of your last high school and where it is located.

[20.1] Specify the date you graduated or will graduate from high school. P

[20.2] Provide the high school's Baccalaureate Certificate, latest official transcript/records of your GPA (grade point average) or final grades or other applicable scores. Without this proof, your application will be rejected.

[21] Enter the name of the university and where it is located. Indicate:

[21.1] the year you are in,

[21.2] the date you do or will you start attending,

[21.3] the date you expect to graduate,
[21.4] and the degree and major you are pursuing.
[21.5] Provide the university's latest official transcript/records of your GPA or final grades or other applicable scores. Check one of the following boxes and enter the appropriate score. Without this proof, your application will be rejected.
[21.5.1] GPA (Grade Point Average) – show your GPA score over the maximum grade; for example, if your GPA is 3.5 and the maximum is 4, write 3.5/4.[21.5.2] Show your letter grade and indicate the range of the letter grades, from highest to lowest; e.g., B+ in the range {A+, A, B+, B, …, F}.
[21.5.3] Show your average score over the maximum score; e.g., if your average score is 85 and the maximum possible score is 100, write 85/100.[21.5.4] Provide your explanation.
[22] If you attend other school/university while attending the university in question 21, specify the school name and the major or study subject.
[23] Indicate whether you receive any award from school or Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport or from other organization. The award should be related to education, i.e., winning spelling competition, high academic achievement in any subject, certificate of completion of any vocational training, etc. Provide proof of such award.
[24] Indicate whether you participate in any extra curricula, such as playing in a school's sports team (any kind), or member of school's athletic team, volunteer to serve the elderly, to look after< children of other family than your own, to assist patients at the local hospital, etc. The CEE Foundation encourages you to volunteering your time for others. We will give you a high consideration for this humanitarian act. Provide proof of your activity.
[25] Declaration Clause. It is very crucial that the applicant fully understand and comply with all requirements and terms and conditions of CEE Foundation's financial assistance, including its mission, goals, value, and philosophy. You should read our website at www.ceefoundation.org . Also, you must check the box to acknowledge that all information you provide in this application is true and correct, and to indicate that you give us your consent to use your information as appropriate. The CEE Foundation reserves the right to reject your application if you do not agree with the statement or leave this box unchecked.
[26] Signature & Date. You must sign and date the application. If you do not sign it, we will not process your application.

[27 You must submit the following documents along with your completed application form. Depending on the type of application (new or renewal), failure to submit them will result in a denial of your scholarship award.
a) Photo, 40mm x 60mm, or similar size, color or black and white.
b) Copy of your High School diploma if you already graduated. If you will graduate in the near future within the year you apply for scholarship, you may give the latest year's transcript available from your high school. Soon after your graduation, you should submit it to us. Note that we only accept application from student who already graduated from high school, or will graduate within the year you apply for scholarship, or student who already attended university.
c) School transcript – This is the official document, signed and dated by the school official, which can be one or more of the following:
i. Final grades report, showing the overall GPA (grade point average);
ii. High School transcript, showing final grades of all classes taken during the course of your study or during the last semester or quarter of your last year of study;
iii. If already attended a university, provide both high school certificate and university transcript.
d) Proof of school enrollment. This is a proof of admission or pre-admission to a university during the year you apply for scholarship. It can be an official letter from school, a student identification card showing the effective and expiration dates, or a receipt of tuition payment.
e) A 2000-word essay in Khmer or English. This must be written by you and you alone. It can be hand-written or a printed copy and must be clearly legible. If hand-written, no more than three pages. Provide your full name on the essay and sign and date. The following are general guidelines:
i. State your intention to pursue higher education, your goal and your career objectives.
ii. State your major or an area of study if you already know, or describe your reasoning about your major or area of study that you consider pursuing.
iii. Why do you think the major or the area of study you pursue or will pursue will benefit you, your family, and the country?
iv. State your values, your belief, your social and moral responsibilities to serve your family, your fellow Cambodians and your country.
v. Do not write a thank you letter nor describe your personal, familial or financial situation or your needs for financial assistance.
vi. Note: The essay should be short, concise and meaningful. It should reflect your personal vision and goal, your career objective, your moral and ethical standards, and your social responsibility toward your community and the country. Writing longer letter than the number of pages recommended, or lack of substances mentioned above will hurt your chance for scholarship award.
f) Three letters of recommendation. The letter should be from your former teachers, preferably from a different school where you have attended or from any individual not related to you and who knows your qualifications. The letter should contain the following information of the person who writes the letter:

i. His or her name;

ii. His or her profession;

iii. His or her relationship to you, i.e., teacher, friend;

iv. How does he/she know you? For how long?

v. How does he/she know your financial situation?

vi. Why does he/she think you qualify for the scholarship?

vii. Date and his/her signature on the letter.

Copy of your National Identification Card. The school ID card is acceptable.

Other documents that may prove your social, economic or academic status may be submitted with the application. They may include, but not limited to, copy of home ownership, rental lease, hospital bill, proof of your financial situation, your monthly income and expenses or any unusual circumstances or hardship.

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