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Computer Literacy

IST computer 1 -2




Our mission is to create and promote an environment that empowers future generations of Cambodians to pursue education as a way of enriching their own life and the lives of others, thereby, enriching the prosperity of the entire country.

We will provide:

  • Encouragement, opportunity, and access to higher education forthose who have demonstrated academic excellence, moral character, integrity, and career objectives.
  • Scholarships for the poor and less fortunate, but deserving students, enabling them to realize their potentials.



Keeping up with a world that is constantly changing, the Students supported by the CEE foundation have been provided access to information technology. Read more...



A thank you to the Buddhist Institute of Ministry of Cult and Religion, for their cooperation with us to digitalize books and manuscripts in order to preserve our Cambodian literary heritage and a special thank you to H.E Ith Praing for his support to make this collaboration possible.

CEE Foundation has started and will continue an eBooks project, converting printed books for public use. All of them are our precious & rich heritage documents that need to be preserved, are shared free of charge and are available at the click of a mouse.

New Updated eBooks

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