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Q: Does CEE Foundation offer scholarships to part-time or full-time college students?
A: You must be accepted by a college and enroll as a full time student. You must also be younger than 25 years old.

Q: What are the eligibilities criteria for the CEE Foundation scholarship?
A: The CEE Foundation provides scholarship supports to Cambodian students--without regard to sex, race, and religion--who plan to attend the accredited education programs at the public or private university in Cambodia. The students must have met the selection criteria as described on our Program Page

Q: How do I obtain the scholarship application?
A: The application documents are available through the local CEE Foundation chapter(s) in Cambodia and on our website, Participants Page.

Q: Do you accept telephone or written (e-mail, fax or mailed) requests for applications?
A: No. We want to process your application electrnically for speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Q: What is the deadline for submitting/receiving the scholarship application?
A: Please visit our website for the most up to date information. www.ceefoundation.org

Q: I am from a country side and have been accepted to college in Phnom Penh, if CEE Foundation grants me a scholarship will it provide my transportation cost to PP?
A: Not at this time. We will consider education costs in the future.

Q: If I receive a small portion of grant from other organization and I need more to subsidize my education cost, can I apply for the scholarship?
A: You may apply but you will receive a partial amount that will be determined by our selection committee.

Q: How does CEE Foundation distribute the scholarship to me?
A: We will distribute your grant in three equal payments. You must maintain the required grade point average (GPA) to receive each payment.

Q: Am I required to submit the receipts of my education expenditures?
A: The scholarship recipient must supply his/her expenses with "documentation" as to how the scholarship money was used for his/her education (i.e., school tuition, bookstore receipts, rental receipt, Registrar's office receipt showing tuition credit, etc )

Q: What do I need to do to continue receiving the CEE Foundation scholarship?
A: You must re-apply every year by maintaining the required GPA. Please visit our website for detail. www.ceefoundation.org.

Q: If I change my major will the CEE Foundation continue to provide my scholarship?
A: The scholarship is capped at four years assuming that our donors and sponsors continue to fund the program. We reserve the right to terminate the scholarship program at anytime if there is a budget constraint.

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