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Q: What is your operating cost?
A: Our operating cost is very minimal:

The organization does not spend money on renting any office space inside or outside of Cambodia. Additionally, we do not have a paid staff. All members, officers, and the Board of Directors are volunteers with :

  • No travel or food expenses
  • No telephone expenses
  • Grassroots volunteers are  students inside Cambodia

Our main operating cost is

  1. The bank’s fee for transferring money from bank in USA to the bank in Cambodia to pay to students receiving scholarship & computer lab.
  2. Scholarship award ceremony twice a year in 2 location total expense is  $200
  3. Registration fee with VA state.
  4. Others: Website domain & hosting

Q: What is the difference between the General Scholarship Fund and the Special Scholarship Fund?
A: The General Scholarship Fund is to support students in need and who have met CEE Foundation eligibility and criteria. The Special Scholarship Fund is for targeted recipients selected by donors. For details, please refer to Special Scholarship.

Q: What are the qualifications required to join CEE Foundation?
A: There are no qualifications required to join. As long as you share the same values as ours and pay your membership fees.

Q: How do I join CEE Foundation?
A: Join today by completing our online Membership Application. Please visit our website for detail: www.ceefoundation.org

Q: Can I sponsor my relative through CEE Foundation?
A: Yes, we have a special fund which is designed for those who would like to sponsor individual students of his/her own choice.

Q: Tell me why I should contribute to your organization?
A: Your contribution helps the CEE Foundation to promote high education in Cambodia by providing scholarship to the young bright Cambodians who are struggling with financial hardship to obtain the highest education possible because we believe in Equal Opportunity Education.

Q: May I contact student(s) who I sponsor?
A: We encourage you to contact or be a mentor for the scholarship recipient(s).

Q: I sent in my membership application and have not heard back from the CEE Foundation. What should I do?
A: If you have not received your welcome kit in two weeks, please contact one of the members of the Membership Committee Team. Refer to Contact Us.

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