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Congratulation class 2016-HONG-SOMAVATEY


                                                                                        CEE Foundation Scholarship: Graduate Student

        My name is HONG Somavatey. I was born in Koh Tagnor village, Sokang commune, Kangmeas district, Kampong Cham province. My parents are

teacher at Kampong Cham province. Nowadays, I am a year 5 student at Institute of Technology of Cambodia in majoring Water Resources and

Infrastructure Engineering. First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Kchao Khun Samrang,       President       of      CEE Foundation,

for providing me this opportunity to win this scholarship to support my study. More importantly, my dream would be difficult to accomplish if I didn’t

receive this scholarship from CEE Foundation. Eventhough,CEE Foundation didn’t provide muchmoney, yet it was a big advantage for me.Moreover,I was supported

not only the financial aid to solve my problem which I had during my study at ITC but also the encouragement and motivation metostudyhard.Ontheotherhand, CEE

Foundationisnotlikeotherfund,theyalwaystaking care all applicants, give advice, encouragement and also opportunity to get higher education for those

who have demonstrated academic excellence moral character. It is the wonderful scholarship for Cambodian generation to build up their brightfuture.


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