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Award Ceremonies Academic Year 2008-2009

Award Ceremony at ITC to 90 students on December 25, 2008

award-ITC Dear All CEE Foundation Officers, Members and supporters,

Our award ceremony this morning went very well with all the work of our volunteers in Cambodia, and with the great
support of the ITC Staffs under the direction of Dr. Tithra. We are very grateful to the kind support of ITC. Thanks
both to Dr. Romny and Dr. Tithra and their staff.

Attendees were 85 students and the Under Secretary of State Mrs. Tun Sam Im, our Board of Director Mr. Tan Chiep,
our advisor Alan Lightman and representatives from ITC, RULE and RUPP.

This Award Ceremony this year was not just an award ceremony. It turned out to feel like a Leadership Seminar with
a clear message to students from all of us; every adults attended, that they are not just poor students receiving the
money to go to school. They are the future of the Cambodia and they are asked to start giving back the minute they
leave the ceremony; helping their friends, neighbors, kids in the streets in any way that is possible and within their
means to help.

Thanks to Sophorn and Ratha and our Cambodia team's careful planning, we had a Q & A session, and social session
where we were able to speak to students personally. During the break, I had the opportunity to speak to the students
about the Foundation's goal that we want the students to start forming the student organization so that they can
form a network to support one another academically and eventually staying connected in their work force in the future.
I also asked them, as a student group, to brain storm to find ways that they can help Cambodia as a whole. I
was delighted with their enthusiasm and commitment, and desire for change, although they expressed a bit of a hesitation
that their effort will not work with Cambodia in the condition that it is in now. But at the end of the event, the students
were exchanging contact information. We as a foundation will stay in close touch with the students and follow
up with them to foster this community spirit among the students. This will make a huge impact of the social connection
that is so lack among the students and in Cambodia at large, right now.

We will be on TV tomorrow, I was told. And Cambodia Daily heard about the CEE Foundation, and asked me a few
questions, so they will be writing about the CEE Foundation in the tomorrow or Saturday's edition.

I am sending you a group picture of us to Greet you on this Christmas Day!!!
And we wish you a very Happy New Year!!!

Best regards,

Vice President of Public Relations
The Cambodian Education Excellence Foundation www.ceefoundation.org
CEE Foundation Scholarship Ceremony
Thursday 25 December

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